3 Questions to Ask Your Metal Fabricator Before Hiring Them

a machine polishing a metal pipeWhen planning a construction project that will involve the use of steel, it’s paramount that you find a steel fabrication company in Tamworth you can trust.

But with so many providers claiming to have superior services, this is a task that can be rather confusing. Why not gauge which company is your best fit by asking essential questions? These questions include:

How much experience do you have?

All steel fabricators start from somewhere, and it’s possible to find a start-up that can deliver exceptional services. However, it’s much safer to work with a company whose work you have proven.

Given the size of the investment you are putting in your project, you can’t afford to take chances with a novice. As such, request samples of the fabricator’s previous work and make your decision based on that.

What is the size of your workforce?

The ability of a fabricator to meet deadlines is directly proportional to the number of skilled individuals they have on their team. There’s only so much that a few hands can accomplish.

Enquire from the company the size of their workforce, and ask whether all the members are qualified for the job. If, in your own estimation, the team seems too small for your project, consider looking elsewhere.

What are your prices?

Before talking to a fabricator, do some research to find out what different companies in the area charge with their services. If the one you are interviewing charges too low a price, be wary.

It could indicate that the quality of their services may be less than desirable, or that there are hidden charges. In the same manner, veer away from companies that quote ridiculously high prices.

When doing a project that requires steel, it is essential that you make the right choice when choosing a fabricator. The wrong choice could push your way back on your deadline while costing you more money than you had budgeted for.