3 Simple Ways to Tackle Emergencies at Your Rental Property

Fire on an apartment

When you own rental property, dealing with emergency maintenance issues is something you should always be ready for. Your property might be in the top shop when your tenants move in, but there’s always a chance that they will call you with an issue that requires immediate attention.

Gas leaks, broken windows or break-ins are examples of these emergencies. Here are tips for these situations.

1. Give your tenants an emergency contact list.

It’s crucial for your tenants to know who they need to call for an emergency glass replacement, plumbing issues or fire breakouts in Auckland when the need arises. Make sure you retain a contact list as well for administrative emergencies. Have a maintenance crew that you can easily reach any time.

2. Orient tenants on what to do during emergencies.

As your tenants move in, provide them with detailed information on what to do to resolve emergencies quickly. Give them tips on turning off the main water supply in case of a flood, as well as how to quickly get to safety when their lives or health is threatened.

When an emergency occurs, this information could prove very beneficial while they await help.

3. Act promptly when an alarm sounds.

A good way to prepare for emergencies is by installing detectors. It’s particularly important to have carbon dioxide detectors in all houses as this lethal gas is impossible to detect without them.

As soon as the alarm goes off, make sure tenants open their windows and turn off potential sources of gas. Should you notice symptoms of poisoning, get everyone out and call emergency responders immediately.

Keeping your tenants and property safe should be your top priority as a rental property owner. One of the best ways to do so is by knowing how to respond to emergencies appropriately.