3 Tips to Maximise Your Granny Flat’s Kitchen Storage

granny flat

The kitchen is the heart of a home. And it’s a good thing to have a big heart, right? When it comes to optimising kitchen space in a granny flat, storage is essential to open up the space and make it functional. You can customise your tiny kitchen with these great ideas:

Folding table

A folding kitchen table you’d normally use for serving meals can double as a workspace for chopping and mixing, ironing board and more. To take even further advantage, ask your designer or granny flat builders to incorporate some storage into the design and use the table itself as a pull-down door for it. There are many materials and designs you can choose to make it look great.

Expandable counter

Another great designing trick to maximise the kitchen’s counter space is adding an expandable counter. This solution lets you have a little pull-out table (much like a regular drawer) hidden! Now that’s a nifty secret to have in a kitchen. Ask your granny flat builder or designer to help you pick the size and strength of the materials before building so your table can be sturdy and doesn’t bend or break easily.

Floor storage

Though this is the trickiest of the list, if you can pull it off, Under Floor Storage is a great solution for storing big items like those big pots you rarely get to use. What’s difficult about it is keeping the space insulated, going between the crossbeams and avoiding bottoming the flat. If you’d like to have one of these, you can have it customised in a suitable size and shape. Granny flats can add great value to houses. With enough planning and a little creativity to make the most of every inch, they become lovely and comfortable homes.