3 Useful Applications of a Radar Gun

Police holding a radar gun

Radar stands for radio detection and ranging, which perfectly captures what a radar gun does. Relying on the Doppler effect focused on a single object, it can effectively determine the speed of any moving object. This has made it invaluable for police forces who are carefully monitoring the speed of traffic.

There are, however, many other uses of a Stalker radar gun. Here are three of the other interesting applications of radar guns that might just meet your needs.

1. Improve Running Speeds

When it comes to competitive running, a few seconds can determine the difference between victory and defeat. While many people rely on stopwatches and timers to determine performance, the manipulation of these measuring devices can be prone to human error and inaccuracy. A better, more dependable method is to use a radar gun to precisely measure speed and, therefore, make improvements in that speed.

2. Refine Baseball Pitches

Another sport that is heavily dependent on speed is baseball—specifically the pitches. Usually, it’s the speed of the pitches that can change the course of the game from defeat to victory. Because of this dependence, those in the sport will benefit from a radar gun. These are already used in many major league baseball teams to improve the performance of their pitchers, and you will definitely benefit from incorporating it into your training.

3. Product Testing

Finally, a radar gun also finds use in product testing. Specifically, it helps to ensure the safety of products that rely on speed to function properly. This can be anything from children’s toys to even power tools. A radar gun will help to ensure that these products operate at perfectly safe speeds. Again, accuracy is what makes radar guns very effective in this application as it can ensure that you match what speeds protect customers.

If your needs fall under these applications, then getting a radar gun should be a top priority.