4 Inbound Marketing Strategies You Should Be Doing Right Now

SEO blocks on a keyboard

With more than 3 billion people using the Internet, it makes perfect sense to bring your business, or at least your marketing strategies, online. But when you hear the word “online advertising,” blogging, SEO, and social media will not be far behind.

Those are, no doubt, effective strategies, but you can do more than that. Here is a list of less-known but equally powerful strategies from New Perspective, one of the firms specializing in inbound marketing here in MA.

Polls and Surveys

When done right, polls and surveys can give you as high as 42 percent response rate. You can then use the data to provide a venue for customer feedback, learn more about your target market, and understand brand perception.

You can also add polls and surveys on your website or promote them through social media accounts.


Contests work because many people like challenges and virtually everyone wants to win. It is one of the potent techniques to make your brand go viral. It can also create a positive domino effect on your other online marketing strategies. It is a great way to build organic content and even your email database.


Podcasting may be less popular than video marketing (particularly YouTube marketing), but it is not less effective. Today more than 35 percent of Americans 12 years old and above have already listened to at least one.

It is a unique method of building a highly targeted audience. It also boosts your credibility as you showcase your expertise and give your market a platform to communicate with you directly.

Case Studies

Some marketers avoid case studies since they can be labor intensive. They also believe they may be more difficult for customers to understand. If you think this way, then you are missing a golden opportunity.

Case studies offer a wide range of benefits to your online business, including helping customers make a better purchase decision. You can use these papers as more comprehensive online reviews.

Like other inbound marketing strategies, these four require more than technical knowledge. More than anything, you need to know your market, track their metrics and, most of all, make them fun and creative for them to truly work.