5 Easy Steps in Planning a Corporate Event

Corporate Party

Planning a corporate event is a tricky and challenging task. This type of occasion is held for various reasons and may mean a lot to your company particularly if it involves working with VIPs and potential clients or partners.

Especially if it is your first time, planning a company affair may stress you out. However, by exerting effort and with proper time management and organization, it is possible to pull through a seamless and successful event.

The first step in a successful corporate planning is deciding on a theme. The event theme will set the mood of the occasion. Learn more about the purpose of the occasion – Who are you expected guests? What are you aiming for in this event?

Whether it is a cocktail party, business seminar/workshop or team building, the theme will be your starting point since this will significantly impact and determine succeeding choices of your event planning.

Another major factor to consider is the budget. Determine how much your company is willing to spend for the entire occasion and set rough estimates on all expenditures such as food, rental of the corporate event venue, decor, entertainment, and more.

After you decide on your theme and budget, you may now look into possible locations and suppliers. Do an ocular inspection of corporate event venues you are eyeing. Take note that the corporate event location like Historic John P. Furber Farm also plays an integral part in your company affair and will regulate some factors such as seating capacity, indoor or outdoor ceremony options, amenities available such as bathrooms and parking spaces.

Discuss further with event or marketing managers about the venue services offered. You may also meet possible suppliers for the occasion and get quotes from them which you can compare later on.

After laying the groundwork for your corporate event, coordinate and delegate responsibilities among your teammates. Assign people who will be responsible pre-, during and post-event.

And last but not the least, prepare a contingency plan. Something unexpected such as inclement weather, catering issues or sound system failure may always come up, so it is best to think beforehand of solutions to possible problems during the event.