5 Things You Can Do In Florida Besides Hitting the Beach

Man ready for his Florida vacation

Miami. Long Beach. Orlando. Odds are, if you’ve thought about spending some vacation time in Florida, those are the places you’ll often hear about. But what if you’ve already gone to the same old tourist spots and want to try something different? Well, the great thing about a big state like Florida is that you’ll never run out of things to do.

From renting deep sea fishing boats in Destin, to watching live mermaids in Weeki Wachee, here are five things you can do in the Sunshine State besides lounging around on the beach.

Reel in The Big One in Destin

If you’ve ever gone fishing, the thought of catching the largest tuna has probably crossed your mind at least once. Taking your picture with a fish that’s about your size isn’t that far-fetched, as you can just rent a deep sea fishing boat from deepseafishingdestinfl.com in Destin. You can even go big and rent a party fishing boat and enjoy the night out in the open seas after a long day of fishing bliss!

Artsy with Dali in St. Petersburg

If art is more of your thing, why not swing by the largest collection of Salvador Dali art in the United States at the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg. Second, only to the collection in Dali’s hometown in Spain, the museum boasts of over 2,000 Dali works. Walking around the museum also evokes a feeling of surrealism as the building itself is designed to make you feel like you’re in one of his world-famous works.

Curiosities Abound in St. Augustine

Wolf’s Museum of Mystery in St. Augustine is a two-story Victorian home full of odd pieces the owner, Wolfgang Von Metz has collected all his life. The seven galleries have items ranging from campy novelty items, to alien themed pieces, and even serial killer related objects. If something catches your eye, and you’d want to take it home, then odds are you should be able to purchase it as the museum has most of its items available for sale.

A Castle Made for Love in Homestead

Ed Leedskalnin’s Coral Castle was built because his sweetheart didn’t turn up at the wedding, and as sad as that story is, what he did after was just plain fantastic. He moved to Florida and started building his castle out of fossilized coral five times his size, and many times his weight. How he did it remains a mystery, but managing to make a 9-ton stone gate spin with a light touch is worth the visit. Bring your significant other over, and feel the love that Ed put into every inch of his stone monument to his lost love.

Mermaids in Weeki Wachee

The City of Live Mermaids in Weeki Wachee has been home to an amazing show since the 1940’s, a show where live mermaids swim and dance 20 ft. below the deepest naturally formed spring in North America. These “mermaids” come from all around the globe, undergoing rigorous training regimens, performing underwater renditions of The Little Mermaid and the history of Weeki Wachee Springs, so that they can live out their dream of becoming mermaids. Seeing this attraction unfold before your eyes is wonderful, and is something you shouldn’t miss when you’re near the area.

So there you have it, five things you can do in the great state of Florida that you might not have thought about before. Whether you’ve been there a million times and is getting tired of the beach, or if you’d prefer seeing the sights that are not in your usual travel brochure, these attractions might be all you’ll need to get a refreshing new-look at the Sunshine State.