Before the Proposal: What You Need to Do First

Man proposing to his girlfriend

You’ve decided that it’s time to make it official: you want to propose to your significant other. Understandably, you’re a bundle of nerves and looking forward to a future of matrimonial bliss in Utah. But before you arrange an elaborate way to ask your loved one’s hand in marriage, take a moment to do some work. This way, you secure a “yes” and keep both sides of the family happy.

Save and Research

Before you make one of the more important purchases in your life, know the market price for rings. You’ll want to start shopping in a Utah jewelry shop for engagement rings. Unless you know the style and the gemstone your loved one prefers, it’s best to bring along a best friend. A close friend would make your shopping more efficient — and you’re certain to focus on the types of rings that will captivate your sweetheart.

Equally important as the design of the ring is the size of your loved one’s ring finger. Although you can always get the resized, a perfect fit would be better for the proposal.

Talk to the Parents

It’s a tradition that most couples skip; some see the practice as irrelevant in contemporary times. But seeking the parents’ blessing could be a good start to your marriage. It’s a meaningful way to honor your loved one’s family, especially when they’re close. If your soon-to-be spouse’s family is modern, phrase your pitch carefully; instead of asking for their “permission,” ask for their “blessing.”

Plan the proposal

Finally, plan the proposal whether you intend to make it intimate, with just the two of your or elaborate, with family and friends. Try to write out what you want to say so you’re not mumbling through the proposal. You don’t need to read off a paper, but a prepared speech shows you’ve worked hard on the whole thing.

And arrange it at the right time. Never rush the proposal to coincide with an event or a sunset/sunrise. The main goal here is to make it as memorable and celebratory as possible.