Case Study: Understanding the Factors That Play in Replacing or Repairing Kitchen Equipment

restaurant kitchen

One of the foundations of catering businesses is equipment, which is why it is essential to prioritise hiring catering equipment repair services. Ensuring that all food preparation equipment is in their top-most condition will help businesses serve their customers better.

One of the best ways to make a sound decision, especially when it comes to replacing or repairing kitchen equipment, is by calculating the cost and balancing it with the potential cost after a few years.

Having a full understanding of an equipment’s service life can greatly help you anticipate the cost of replacement and repair. Although a few manufacturers may be hesitant to provide you with an accurate answer about the equipment’s service life, asking repair technicians can be a great help.

Basic Costs

According to a study made by Fiix, it is estimated that the total cost of continuously repairing equipment that is over its service life can cause a major loss in income. In fact, the study showed that a company could have at least saved more than $85,000 by replacing it with an entirely new one. The new piece of equipment offers better reliability, which means better quality and quantity of work.

A few factors that can be affected by using equipment that is outside its service life is the installation and purchasing costs, disposal, and decommissioning costs. It will also have an effect when it comes to the business production and commissioning, as well.

When everything is all factored in, the cost that the company will spend to replace a piece of kitchen equipment is less compared to continually bringing it out for repair. Balancing between the cost of repair and the value that the new equipment can offer is a great way to make a sound decision.