Choosing the Best Material For Your Garage Door

Grey Garage DoorGarage doors come in a variety of materials and each of them is known for their individual benefits. Before you contact the garaged door repair services in Wilmington, Delaware, check if the material you have right now is worthy. Otherwise, you can always get a new one with better quality.

O’Brien Garage Doors shares information about the most common materials used to make garage doors.


The most famous material used for garage doors is steel. This is because it’s low maintenance, durable, and reasonably priced. It also comes in any style that you may prefer. You can choose to paint it and go for textures that resemble wood.


Aluminum doors share several common features with steel. The only difference is that it comes with optional faux wood, long-lasting finishes, and texturing. Compared to steel, it is less expensive and lighter.


The first garage doors ever made were of wood and they still attract residences who prefer traditional materials and styles. They come in an array of designs and provide better insulation than steel. Insulated steel doors, however, offer better energy conservation.

Wood Composite

Composite garage doors are made of recycled wood fibers. They are as strong as steel, has the texture and look of wood, and can be stained or painted. These are more superior to solid wood when it comes to resisting splitting and rotting.


Fiberglass garage doors reign in the smaller section of the market. Their panels are covered in aluminum frames that can be painted. They also don’t dent easily like thin steel. Fiberglass can fade due to climate exposure, is a poor insulator, and is extremely light. It is, however, more protected against saltwater corrosion compared to other garage door materials. This is why residents living near coastal areas prefer it.

When choosing the ideal material for your garage door, it would be best to consider the benefits offered by each option. Physical appearance might mean something, but quality goes a long way and makes a big difference.