Colours that Last: Picking Home Exterior Shades for the Long Run

Man painting a house's wall

The right colours for your home — what are they?

With the wide selection of paints available, picking the right palette can be a challenge. The shades you choose will stay on your house for years (or even decades). The right combination will make your home stand out. If you pick the wrong ones, not only will your house be an eyesore to the neighbourhood, you also waste time, effort and resources.

If you feel overwhelmed, you can rely on professionals to pick for you. But doing the selection on your own gives the house a more personal touch.

Pick the right shades for your home by following the suggestions below:

Honour the House’s Style

Always consider your home’s style and structure before painting. Do you have a historical home? Draw inspiration from its era during the selection of paint colours. If your house is on a mid-century modern ranch or has a federal style feel, steer clear of bright shades. Always choose palettes similar to the original paint.

Do you still feel overwhelmed? Paint manufacturers can provide you with accurate shades.

In addition to accurate shades, professional house painters Gavin Chan Decorators Limited recommends choosing paint that also serves as protection against harsh elements, like UV rays.

Observe the Neighbourhood

Your home is yours. Unless the neighbourhood has a strict colour coding scheme, you are free to paint the house in whatever shade you like.

Still, it helps to consider the best interests of your neighbours. Choose colours that work in harmony with the other homes in your area. If you really wish to stand out, do so unobtrusively; this way, your home need not be the eyesore of the community.

Architectural Elements Matter

Some aspects of the house will not change even after you paint its exteriors. By the end of the project, you will still have the shingles, pathways and stonework. Keep these in mind during the selection of exterior colours.

The shades should not clash with the remaining elements. Also, take a cue from the other shades to help you in selecting the right one.

Your home deserves colours you will adore for years to come. Select the right one today, maintain the beauty of your home and you may just raise its value in the future.