Concert for a Cause: 3-Step Guidelines to Organise a Successful Benefit

a benefit concert

A majority of non-profit organisations choose to throw a benefit marathon to earn funds for the charity of their cause. If you want a slightly different approach, however, why not organise a benefit concert for your next fundraising event. As part of the regular preparations, Phonophobia ltd and other experts noted that you would need to hire lighting equipment and sounds. Here are other ways to prep for it:

1st Step: Determine the Scale

Your primary consideration would be the type of the show. Come up with a plan before calling each artist you know, promoting the event, or selling tickets. Begin with the size of the event that your non-profit can handle and the number of audience you want to come.

2nd Step: Choose the Genre

Once you figured out the scale, determine if you want to showcase a particular style or genre of music. You can base this on the musical interest of the location where you plan to set up the show. Listen to the airwaves and figure out if hip-hop, pop, country, or EDM is dominating it. In case there is no prevalent genre, feel free to hire an array of performers.

3rd Step: Set the Venue

An essential detail you cannot overlook is the venue. Decide where you want to host the event, how many people you expect in the audience, and what stage size your performers need. You would also have to consider the weather, particularly if you are going to organise an outdoor event. You can also make the most of the venue if they are already hosting musical acts to contact and network musicians.

As you can see, even a small non-profit can throw a concert and raise funds by assembling community artists and letting friends help. You simply have to know where to begin.