Creating Ad Images That Work: 3 Ways You Can Do It

Advertising Campaign Promotion Branding ConceptCertain ads perform better than others, whether you’re measuring click-through or conversion rates. Why is this so? One of the reasons some adverts work better than others is the images and emotion used to fascinate and grab the attention of a person that sees them.

Experts on graphic design from Canberra list the following ways you can create first-rate images that encourages a person to click.

Factor in the Platform

It is important to consider the website and venue where you will place the ad and images. What you want to achieve is ‘stand out, but blend in’. That statement may seem contradictory, but that is the balance you want to reach. You are competing for the attention of your potential customers with their network and other brands.

The ad you use must contain images that do not look like advertisements, but must be relevant based on the context of your intended audience.

Real People and Real Images

Stock photos will no longer work. To improve the chances of conversion, use real images and real people. You can hire a photographer to take pictures for a particular campaign. Alternatively, use photos of your products taken by your customers and/or followers. One approach to consider is to start a contest and provide incentives, such as freebies, shopping coupons and other similar items. This strategy makes your campaign appear organic in the eyes of your intended audience.

Be Emotionally Resonant

Any brand can use photos in their ads, but not everyone will be able to connect with their audience. One of the difference makers is the emotions an advertisement elicits. Draw out happiness, positive experiences, nostalgia, and others that you think is appropriate for your adverts. Doing so allows you to communicate with your audience on a personal level.

These are some of the techniques that allow you to create ad images that work and connect with your audience. Try these to get the results you want and communicate with your target market.