Education Professionals Every Top School Requires

A teacher tutoring two elementary students

As the head of a school, parents task you with a daily job of keeping their children safe and giving them the best education. Getting the right staff for your school can turn your facility into a world-class centre of excellence. Here are a few education professionals who will be a great addition to your team.

Nursery Nurses

Some nurses work in nurseries and preschools with children up to seven years of age. They help organise a clean, tidy and child-friendly environment for your children. They are in charge of supervising activities such as crafts and outdoor games to ensure your pupils’ safety at play. Nursery nursing calls for an energised, motivated and creative individual with a high level of dedication.

Cover Supervisors

Cover supervisors mostly work in secondary schools where they supervise the pupils when they are carrying out tasks pre-prepared by teaching staff.  They then collect the duties and give them to the teacher. This cadre of education professionals needs people with good communication skills and those who enjoy working with young people.

Supply Teachers and Teaching Assistants

A supply teacher is called to fill in the teacher’s role when he or she is sick or needs to go on leave. Teaching assistants support learning activities in schools and nurseries and help in administrative duties such as preparing classroom resources. Both the supply teacher and teaching assistant need to be highly motivated, have a passion for working with children and are good role models.

Getting highly trained and screened school professionals need not be a daunting task. It is advisable to hire an education recruitment company in London with well qualified and vetted teaching specialists. It saves you time to track down the best experts and ensures you get the best role models to shape your students’ future.