Elements of Motion Graphics That Move Viewers

an artist at work

It’s not enough to have graphic designers have skills. It’s equally important that they use their skills in clever ways to turn well-executed animation into a punch-packed marketing strategy.

That means aside from learning how to use graphics to their advantage, your chosen Denver-based motion graphics artists should showcase their knowledge in the following areas:

Pop Culture

The majority of digital content consumers are millennials. Coincidentally, this generation is the biggest fan of animations. They are also easily persuaded to share content they like. With the rise of augmented reality and the popularity of filters, they expect a lot from brands that offer motion graphics.

However, if a graphic artist has somehow managed to resist pop culture, their content has low chances of resonating with millennials.

Social Awareness

Brands, organizations, and even families now want to be socially aware. There are issues that need society must address, and a good portion of your audience will cry foul if your artist tackles issues with ignorance.

Things may get even worse if your artist has created content that is offensive to a portion of your audience. You would not want your marketing efforts to present you as racist or as someone guilty of cultural appropriation.

Even the mere use of gender-neutral pronouns can make your brand a favorable ally to proponents of gender equality as opposed to alienating them.

Environmental Consciousness

It’s one thing to take a stand against abortion and gender equality, but don’t stop there. Your graphic artist should also be aware of environmental issues. A short but cleverly inserted scene about nature conservation can be a big win for your company.

Animation is hard, so each second should contribute to the overall message you’re going for, but you will always have space to speak up about such matters.

Motion graphics should be able to hold their own no matter what angle they’re viewed at. To get that desired result, find artists who are knowledgeable and skilled.