A Fairy Tale Celebration: Planning a Vintage Wedding

Vintage Wedding

The theme of your wedding is perhaps the most difficult part of the celebration you need to focus on. You need to invest some time in this aspect, as everything about your celebration, from food to decor, will depend on it.

If you want a fairy-tale-like feel and nostalgic aesthetics, you may want to go for vintage. This is one of the most popular themes, and there’s a good reason why. You can even put your own twist on it. Here are some pointers you should keep in mind.

The Decor

The decoration of the wedding venue should be in line with the theme you want to have. The best thing to do this is by going for shabby chic. For chairs, used repurposed chairs. Old chandeliers can also do the trick. For centerpiece and installation, you can use your old suitcases with flowers on top. Mason jars can also add some charm. For that old-fashioned vibes, you can use telegrams and old pictures as invitations.

The Clothes

Your clothes should speak a lot about vintage. For brides, you can use bulky dress with shoulder puffs. Use an old-style veil with a train. For grooms, you can go dapper with a tux, waistcoat, or suit. Give it a twist by changing the fabric; stylists recommend using tweed. For shoes, go for brogues (white is recommended). You’ll surely look good once you step out of that vintage wedding car.

The Souvenir

Make your memento memorable with a few simple but cute ideas. For one, you can fill Mason jars with candies. You can also have a photo booth where the printed photo will use a filter to give it a nostalgic feel. China teacups or Victorian glasses can be filled with candle wax.

These are just some of the things you need to keep in mind if you want a vintage wedding. Get a wedding planner if you want a memorable celebration.

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