Finding the Sweet Spot: Pick the Right Location for Your Coffee Shop

An espresso machine dispensing coffee

Canadians love coffee, more so than most countries in the world. In fact, Canada is the tenth biggest coffee drinker in the world. So, coffee shops are a great business prospect in the caffeine-loving nation. But demand alone won’t ensure the success of your business.

You need a unique coffee shop concept and a solid business plan. More importantly, you need to find an ideal location. It has great implications for your sales, production costs, and even the atmosphere of your shop. When scouting the area for the perfect spot, here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Fit for a Coffee Shop

Consider your surroundings before settling on a location. Is it a good fit for your coffee shop concept? Can it accommodate your projected client traffic? Vancouver Business Brokers, a company that provides commercial real estate services, agrees that a commercial space must align with your business objectives.

Customers rate coffee shops for their ambiance, so gauge if the space complements the décor in mind. It should also provide a great space for the baristas; they should be able to easily reach all the supplies around their workstation. You should also ensure that the staff won’t be competing for space to move around.

Visibility and Accessibility

Make sure that customers see your store. Otherwise, not many people would pay attention to your shop. Additionally, choose a location that’s easily accessible. If there are many choices around, customers would naturally pick the one that they can enter easily.

Take note of the foot traffic in the area. Spend time inspecting the location and assess if the number of passersby is enough to sustain your business. The usual places that generate a lot of foot traffic are schools, universities, business districts, and popular parks.

Customer Persona

The identity of your customers matters when choosing the location. Determine who your prime customers are going to be. Are they students on their way to their classes, professionals who take coffee breaks, or just friends who want to hang out? Then, select the location where they are most likely to pass by.

The location could make or break your coffee shop. So, you must carefully consider the place’s visibility and accessibility, your customers, and the infrastructure to find the sweetest spot in town.