Flooding and Your Belongings

Flooded house interior

If your home has been invaded with some flooding, it is vital to act quickly to minimize the damage and protect your possessions. This includes consulting a water damage expert to help you with water removal and cleanup, as well as in drying your home entirely. It also pays to know how you can take care of your belongings, especially those that came in contact with water.

Clothing and Upholstery

These items absorb liquid quickly and can become stained or discolored (especially with dirty or contaminated water). Damage is also likely even if they are not completely submerged. You may be able to clean the affected clothing and upholstery on your own, but it is best to have a professional deal with them. Water damage experts in Ogden note that this is to make sure that they will be safely restored to their original condition.


Depending on the level of saturation, water can cause the wood or the furniture can expand, rot, grow mold, or break apart. This is especially true if the wood isn’t treated (for waterproofing) or dried out completely. You can still restore a wooden item or furniture unless the damage is extreme. If the wood swells or easily breaks apart, you may have severe water damage.

Other Valuables (Like Antiques)

You may still be able to restore antiques and other collectibles after flooding, but the process may be a little expensive. You also have to consider the value of the item and severity of water damage before making the decision to restore and repair it. When dealing with antique wood pieces, dry them out naturally (instead of using electric/heat sources) to minimize uneven shrinkage.

As you wait for the water damage professionals to arrive, be sure to move items and other belongings to a safer or a dry location. You may also want to cover unaffected possessions and furniture pieces with a tarp or large plastic sheets to avoid prevent damage and shield them from the water.