Gas Central Heating for Increased Energy Savings, Efficiency and Comfort

A home heating system

New Zealand climate is popular for its temperate nature, but a majority of homeowners still experience cold drafts due to lack of efficient heating system and insulation. This leads to higher energy consumption, uneven indoor climate, and unhealthy living conditions.

One effective solution is the installation of gas central heating. Not only is this easy to control and highly efficient, but it is also good for the environment. In fact, it is one of the most preferred methods of heating for temperate climates of North America, Europe, and several parts of Asia.


Gas central heating is much more affordable and cost-effective compared with other heating systems such as electrical and oil. Advancements in condensing boilers have made these units more energy-efficient, which provides a better return on investment the more you use it.

An average home will spend more dollars on heating and hot water using electricity than with gas.

Highly Efficient

When it comes to energy efficiency, modern condensing boilers offer 90% more savings than other systems. The less energy you consume, the more money you can save on your monthly utility bills.

Gas central heating also allows for better control over the amount of heating it emits, so you can set it and have the temperature you want.

With Thermostatic Radiator Control Valves (TRVs) installed to the radiators, you can regulate the flow of hot water depending on the room’s temperature, allowing for a precise heating system.

Increased Comfort

Your home’s indoor temperature may affect your family’s health and comfort. The World Health Organization even campaigns for regulating indoor climate for a healthier living condition. Having proper insulation helps reduce the risk of flu, asthma, colds, and effects of other ailments such as arthritis

Look for Home Heating Association (HHA) certified installers in your area. Your family does not have to suffer through a draughty, cold, and poorly insulated living space anymore once you have the right heating system installed.