Items for a Comfortable Vacation with a Baby

a family checking in a hotel

Organizing a vacation can be challenging, especially if you’ll be bringing a baby and relying on public transportation to get to your destination. That’s where baby rental equipment can make life much simpler.

Some parents don’t realize how many things babies need until they decide to go on a trip. If they’re leaving the car at home, things get even more complicated. Here are must-haves when traveling with a baby.

Car Seats

When avoiding high airport parking lot charges by not bringing the car, parents can pick up baby and toddler using a rental with car seats.


If a crib isn’t included in the vacation home, travel cribs can be hired, too. These are lightweight and easy to move.  For an older child, there are also roll-away beds. If space is at a premium where they are staying, these handy beds can be folded and rolled away on wheels when not needed. They are also a good option intended for larger family groups to add additional bed spaces.


If large and chunky strollers are inconvenient to travel with, a range of lightweight, easy-to-fold vacation strollers is available for rent, perfect for when little feet get tired.


If the apartment isn’t self-catering or only has a basic kitchenette, another must have is a microwave. They’re compact and can rustle up a meal in minutes, great when little ones are hungry.


Luggage restrictions and practicality mean it’s usually only possible to bring a small bag of toys on vacation. With a toy hire, tots can choose a selection of toys to play with while away. As they will be different from the toys at home, they will provide more entertainment value as well.

Whatever equipment is needed, a baby rental service can provide it at an affordable cost, leaving the new family to make the most of their vacation.