Job Hunting: Pre-Employment Screenings You Should Prepare for

Applicants queuing for interview

If you’re a job seeker, it will work to your advantage to remember that having the best qualifications, such as high educational attainment, proper training, and good employment history, is not enough to land you a job. Before being offered a position, most applicants also have to pass several screenings that many companies conduct.

Criminal records

The checking of a candidate’s criminal records is one of the pre-employment screenings done mostly by companies offering positions of trust. These jobs often involve handling of money or working with vulnerable people and those with special needs like children, the elderly and differently abled persons.

It would come in handy if you already underwent employment police checks beforehand and attached the results to your resume when applying for jobs.

Medical assessments

Medical examinations are done to verify a potential employee’s overall health and determine if the candidate is fit to work for the job. Employers who have already expressed their intent to hire an applicant request these assessments, which usually include vision tests, respiratory exams, and audiometry.

Poor results, however, could lead to the delay in the start of employment or even the withdrawal of a job offer. It would always be best to keep your health in good condition to avoid such complications.

Social media posts

Because companies consider employees as their extension, many hiring managers now also scrutinise the social media accounts of applicants. They assess not only the photos and comments candidates post, but what others say about the applicants as well. They see if the job seekers can be potentially harmful to an organisation’s image and brand. Therefore, be mindful of what you post on social media and always think before you click.

Being prepared for these screenings (and having a well-written resume, of course), you’ll be able to get the job you want. Happy job hunting!