Keeping Time: Manage Your Schedule Effectively

Man speaking on phoneWhat’s one thing you can waste but never earn? Time. You may complain that you never have enough time to do everything, but maybe it’s time management that needs a bit of work. It’s time to look at your schedule and identify tasks that waste precious minutes and add up to hours of unproductivity.

Check the Time

The first thing you need if you want to manage your time is a timepiece. This way, you’ll know the exact time and see if you’re running late for something. If you are, send everyone a message right away, so you don’t waste their precious time either. Keep your watch accurate by having it serviced or repaired as needed. New York jewelers usually handle the battery replacement and repair of watches, so you’ll know the first place to go when you need those services.

Identify Guzzlers

There are some things you don’t realize are taking up too much of your time. For instance, those few minutes you spend on Facebook might be amounting to an hour or two of procrastination. And if you’re using more than one social media platform, the number of wasted minutes only increases. Thankfully, some apps classify the time you use depending on whether it’s work-related or unproductive.


If you wait until the second half of your workday to start working, you’ve already wasted at least four hours of that day doing nothing. This requires a bit of behavioral change, as you will need to remind yourself to be productive. Get everything done in the morning so you can take it easy in the afternoon–or you can squeeze in more tasks to lighten your load for the next day.

Knowing how to manage your day is a sign of professionalism. Don’t let any minute go to waste.