Leverage Travel Marketing Trends This 2018

A couple travelling as tourists

2018 is here! Along with the new year comes new opportunities for travel companies to invite clients in discovering the world with their help. With the huge number of travellers around the world, travel companies have a huge market to target.

Effective engagement with this market, however, can only be possible by leveraging digital travel marketing trends. These trends will help you stay on top of frequently changing client expectations, as well as stay on top of the competition.

Create a Social Media Account

Social media marketing has become a must for businesses, especially a company such as yours that has a global market. You can use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to entice clients to travel with your guidance. The photos you post will serve you in the same way travel brochures served in the past.

Personalise Content and Services

How can you take your marketing a step further? Social media marketing can serve as a good foundation for a strong digital travel marketing strategy, but you may want to consider personalisation to stand out. Personalisation means you cater to the exact expectations of different types of people. You will need to analyse client data extensively to understand how your target market thinks and behaves.

Take Advantage of A.I.

Another way to stand out is the use of artificial intelligence. The technology has developed even more, and now can be applied in numerous areas. You can enable your company website with 24/7 chat support using chatbots, for example. You can even use A.I. to help with personalisation and content creation.

You can leverage several other travel marketing trends to your advantage, such as the use of online videos, promotion of business leisure or “bleisure”, and promotion of local culture. You can create solid strategies out of these trends and implement them effectively with the help of a remote digital marketing agency specialising in travel and tourism.