London: Finest Tourist City


London provides you with great tourist destinations, such as the Big Ben and Abbey Road. Posh restaurants and cafes are also the pride of Londoners. But, it is not just with tourists.

With 43 colleges and universities – the largest concentration of institutions of higher education in all of Europe – it is also popular with scholars and students from all countries, most of whom are in hostels with private rooms in London.

They make it as homey as possible during the stay; it is like being at home while away from home. Aside from serving tea all day, the whole city provides a plethora of reasons for tourists to visit and extend their stay.

It is royal

London is the best cliché city in the world in a sense that it is a loveable city. And it is not just about the city, the Royal Family obsesses a lot of people. Many of these fans know, by heart, the entire list of royal names and their faces, the long line of the succession, and up to the not-so-famous surname they reluctantly use.

However, even with the flood of photos and news from the paparazzi, it is tough to know what the Royal Family members actually do. Some would visit the Buckingham Palace to get a glimpse of the royal lifestyle. But even if you are not staying at the palace, there is a lot of accommodation you can stay to feel just as regal.

It is extra

For Londoners, bigger is definitely better. A great example would be Big Ben. People already know that Big Ben plays a huge part in London’s tourism. The city’s very own leaning tower, Big Ben is the name given to the massive bell inside, as it weighs more than 13 tonnes (13,760 kg).

Also supersized is the double-decker bus: huge, and red. The city is visited a lot by people around the world, making taxis scarce and crowding buses as well as trains. Thus, with the city’s growing population, a red big two-levelled bus was born.

It is posh

Being just second to Paris, London is hailed as one of the most elegant cities in the world. And, no it’s not just because of city’s obsession with vegan food. Its icons span from the ancient times like the Tower of London to more recent such as Adele, this expansive marvel has a limitless string of attractions.

London may be a cliché city, but it is the best cliché tourist city in the world. And you cannot deny that today’s London is as breathtaking as its spectacular attractions.