Practical Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Plasma Cutter

Industrial plasma machine

Everything in the world is subject to deterioration. Fortunately, you can do something to make your appliances last longer. For example, maintaining your Baileigh plasma table ensures that it works at optimal efficiency. Still, maintenance only works if you employ the ideal approaches. Knowing the best method helps avoid costly mistakes. Here are some practical ways to prolong the life of your machine:

Replace Consumables Often

Replacing consumable parts helps avoid arcing in the machine’s plasma chamber. Arcing causes torch failure, which results in more expenses. If you notice a deteriorating cut quality, it is a sign that the consumables are spent. If there are oxide residue and gouging inside of the nozzle, you should replace it immediately. Other consumables to check repeatedly include the electrodes and gas swirlers. The swirlers should not have arc burns, cracks, or dirt in the holes.

Maintain Proper Gas and Coolant Pressure

It is vital to check the flow of gas and coolant at least once per day. Doing so helps avoid the improper cooling of consumables, which affects their longevity. When gas pressure is constant, it means a steady cutting arc. It is essential to keep the gas clean as well. When the gas is contaminated, it causes premature torch failure. Gas contamination also means a reduced life expectancy of the consumables.

Keep Machine Components Clean

You should keep components such as gears, racks, and rails clean. Removing metal dust and grease from time to time is vital. Using an abrasive pad and a degreasing agent works well in cleaning such components. It is advisable to lubricate gears using dry lubricants. This is because oils are likely to attract contaminants that can cause excessive wear.

An improperly maintained plasma cutter is likely to break down without warning. This will result in unplanned expenses. It is essential to have a workable maintenance schedule and stick to it.