Retail 101: Organising Your Floor and Planning Displays

A store employee attending to a customer

Retail business owners have to face the challenge of organising and displaying their stocks in a way that will encourage their customers to buy. If you have limited floor space and unique items, you have to be extra creative in doing this. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with products that you rarely sell. An ineffective floor plan will either over- or underwhelm a customer. However, it’s not the selection that is disinteresting to them, most of the time, it’s simply the presentation.

Attracting customers to walk into your shop is another task, but finding them can be quite easy. Here’s how you can do it.

Set Up Your Display

It’s better to create an interactive environment rather than just simply displaying the goods on shelves. For a clothing boutique, Shelving Shop Group and RMS Shopfitting recommend using mannequins to show how an outfit will appear when partnered with other accessories. Customers like to envisage how an item will look or feel like when they start using it, so give them a little inspiration.

Create Natural Movement

Having your merchandise all over the place simply isn’t going to make sense to your customers. Draw out a smart floor plan that creates a natural movement within your store and fills the paths with high markup items that will add to your sales. Make sure that no corner of the shop is left unnoticeable.

Rotate Your Stocks

Consider rotating your merchandise every now and then to create a fresh look in your shop. This will allow you to move items from spots that are don’t receive much foot traffic. Additionally, this will give your customers the illusion of constant new stocks.

Employ these helpful tips when establishing your retail layout and enjoy an increase in stock turnover, customer flow, and a sense of fulfillment with your business.