SEO White Label: Is it the One for You?

Woman on her desktop with SEO displayed in the monitior

Kirkland Signature has various health supplements, shampoos, pillows, and food such as sausage, french fries, and bread. Name a product you need and they likely have that label in Costco, but why only Costco? Why is it only at Costco? The answer is simple — white labelling.

Now imagine using this concept in the online business. That is how SEO white labels work.

What is SEO white label?

To simply explain, it’s the concept of re-branding a company’s product to make it look like another company’s. Take Kirkland Signature, for example, which is Costco’s private label.

As for SEO, it’s formulated by a company (Company X) that would sell its product or service to Company A without any label or branding. Therefore, Company A gets it at a lower rate because it’s technically ‘brandless’. Company A would then sell it to their clients — the public — as their own. and other experts say that many companies can both mutually benefit from this business setup. But, as a company who would need a white label SEO, it’s important to keep in mind that you need to hire services from reputable agencies. You would only want to work with people who know their way in the business and can definitely help your company after all.

How can it be good for your company?

Generally speaking, SEO is necessary because most people are now online to conduct their daily businesses and operations. Thus, the whole idea of a white label that’s not only reliable, but has rates and efficiency considered is indeed a good bargain. As mentioned, it’s a mutual relationship where both companies benefit from each other in terms of business and exposure.

Will white label SEO truly help your company? Definitely. Is it the right one for you? Yes, if you have the right agency for the job.