South Australia Government Adds More Generators to Prevent Blackouts

Mini generator

The South Australian government plans to launch extra diesel generators in the summer to prevent a blackout, as part of Premier Jay Weatherill’s $550 million energy plan.

Weatherill proposed the deployment of nine new generators in Adelaide by summer. The generators will be temporarily located in two sites before merging them to a permanent state-owned power plant.

High Temperature

South Australia has grappled with the dilemma of preventing summer blackouts in recent years, especially when temperatures reach burning levels. Despite the addition of nine dual-fuel turbines, households and businesses might need to consider other options, including a mobile diesel tank for sale.

That’s because the extra generators are not expected to provide full capacity in temperatures beyond 40 degrees Celsius. Still, the state government expects the new generators to provide a maximum of 276 megawatts of power. These resources will only serve as backup generators during instances of power failure.

Power Generation

Weatherill cited the need to secure energy supply in the future as the reason behind launching the additional generators. He expects the new turbines to provide energy in the next two summer periods and beyond, amid an increasing level of demand from households alone.

During the hottest period of the year, South Australians use more than 300 megawatts of energy primarily from using air-conditioners at home. If you live in an area with frequent blackouts, a mobile diesel tank for sale is one of many options that will be useful in such cases.

Power blackouts during the summer season can be a serious problem for the public and private sectors in South Australia. The state government’s plan to add temporary generators are a step towards the right direction, yet households and businesses should also look for ways to secure their own source of energy in case of electricity shortfalls.