Spread the Love with a Popcorn Wedding Bar

Indoor wedding reception

Planning a wedding can be very demanding with all the different parts of the event you need to check. You have the ceremony and the reception, and even what the entourage will wear. Fortunately, there are practical solutions you can make – ones which serve more than one purpose.

A very good example would be a popcorn bar. Not only does it provide an enjoyable snack, but according to the Grand Rapids Popcorn Company, it can also be a quirky decoration that aligns with your theme for your wedding party. If you are considering getting one, go through these quick pointers to make the process easier.

1. Provide more than enough.

Who does not want to munch on so much popcorn? This snack can be very addictive. If it takes a while for the main course to be served, this will be a good way to keep your guests’ taste buds covered.

2. Take advantage of flavors.

Choosing a variety of flavors will create the illusion that you have so much to serve. At the same time, guests will keep on coming back for more to try a new one. As a suggestion, however, you may want to make readily mixed bags of the common flavors like salted and cheddar cheese. For other interesting ones, you may have them in little shakers.

3. Choose a style that matches you.

In case you’re settling for a generic kind of bar, know that there are many themes and setups you could choose. Communicate with whoever will provide the popcorn bar as to what your theme is. For all you know, it may end up being the center of attention in your event.

Who said that popcorn only works well with movies? Popcorn in your party can be a delightful thing to watch in itself. Don’t miss out on getting a popcorn wedding bar. With the tips mentioned above, you’ll find it easier to set up that booth on your special day.