The 5 Secrets of Making a Better Seafood Soup

A Seafood Soup

“It’s just soup, right?” Some people think that preparing seafood soup is as easy as tossing the ingredients into a stockpot and simmer it until it’s done. However, there’s more to soup-making than mixing everything together.

You may have faced all sorts of struggles when making seafood soups — turning a bland soup into a flavorful bisque or getting the measurements right to avoid a bad texture. Here’s how you can do it right:

  • All about the base – Sometimes, even adding the seafood itself won’t suffice. Custom Culinary says that this is where are all kinds of seafood-flavored bouillon cubes and lobster base comes in. These can provide a richer texture and flavor to your soup.
  • Easy on the water – If you’re making your seafood soup without a stock, do not overdo the water. The quality over quantity rule applies here, and it’s much easier to make a thick soup thinner than trying to eat a bland one.
  • More aromatic vegetables – Onion, carrots, and celery do more than just adding a delicious smell that will make your mouth water. You can increase the amount of these veggies for added flavor.
  • Season with care – Soups made from a seafood base may be naturally salty, so add salt and pepper only in small amounts. Looking for that flavorful taste in your soup? A tablespoon of soy sauce can also make a difference.
  • Acid is your ally – This may seem strange, but it tastes great. A dash of lemon juice or a spoonful of vinegar gives life to an otherwise tasteless seafood soup.

Don’t be afraid to try all of them at the same time, or choose only some depending on the type of seafood soup you’re making. Who knows, you may simply need more lobster base on your shrimp bisque or you just have to let go of using too much salt and pepper.