The Role of Exercise and Relaxation during Pregnancy

Group of pregnant women doing yoga

For years, the benefits and possible hazards of exercise during pregnancy have raised numerous debates. In the Victorian era, women were encouraged to keep to themselves and remain indoors during pregnancy. However, research has shown that sedentary pregnant women experience prolonged labor during childbirth, unlike their counterparts who exercise during pregnancy.

A non-strenuous exercise program goes hand in hand with relaxation. Serenity Massages of the Palm Beaches, one of the spas that offer massage therapy in West Palm Beach, Florida explain why massage and exercise can help a pregnant woman stay healthy during her pregnancy.

1. Less weight after childbirth

According to medical research, most pregnant women who exercise put on 7 pounds less after birth compared to those who don’t exercise during pregnancy. The amount of weight you gain during pregnancy will influence postpartum weight loss.

Clearly, the more weight you gain while pregnant, the more you will need to lose. Besides, putting on too much weight in those nine months increases your chances of developing high blood pressure, diabetes, and preeclampsia – not forgetting a high chance of undergoing a cesarean section. These are enough reasons to enroll in an exercise program during your pregnancy.

2. Boosts your energy

The changes that occur during pregnancy drain your energy, but with regular exercise, you are in a better position to cope with daily tasks and demanding schedules. Pregnant women who exercise don’t tire quickly thanks to the strengthened cardiovascular system that results from exercise.

3. Labor and delivery will be easier.

Although it’s not a guarantee, most women develop stronger abs and cardiovascular stem which improves stamina for pushing when delivering. A study found that pregnant women who engaged in water aerobics were less likely to ask for pain relievers during labor.

4. Reducing Discomfort

Pregnant women who go for a relaxation treatment experience reduced discomfort, backaches, bloating, constipation and swelling. They also experience reduced anxiety which increases the feeling of well-being.

Enrolling for massage therapy in West Palm Beach, Florida will do you well after water aerobics or any other low-impact exercise routine. Massage relieves muscles and reduces stress while improving your overall health, which in turn could help you have a healthy pregnancy and easier childbirth.