Things to Consider to Catch the Eyes of Your Target Market

product packaging

For a product to be easily identified in the market, it should have a packaging that stands out from the rest. But while it seems a daunting task, you’ll be amazed at how effective simple labels and designs could help make your product to be more recognisable

Obviously, there are factors you must consider when designing the right package – the size of the product, logo and other marketing details, and the packaging labels. How all these details will fit into the package is up to your imagination.


One of the things that must be considered is the mandatory consumer product information standards, especially for food packages. As required by law, it should indicate the correct description, ingredients, nutritional value, manufacture and best before dates, and warnings among other details.

Of course, not all products need this kind of consumer product information especially if it’s non-food items. But if your products are required to include all these details, take note that the writing must be easy to read and understandable.

Grabbing Customer Attention

Creating the right design for your product is quite tricky yet fulfilling when done correctly. But for the purpose of understanding how to create the most creative packaging, you must also take into consideration the target market, colour scheme, and of course, artistry.

Products that target the male market have the easiest approach in terms of design. Elegant yet masculine, simple and straightforward, minimal designs with natural colour tone palette. Marketing for kids is also easy – all you need is a design that is catchy, full of lively colours, and engaging.

The Female Market

Attracting the female market is more challenging when it comes to designing the package compared to the male and children markets. This is where your artistry needs to kick in, mustering both elegance and beauty.

A customised, origami-looking packaging with elegant design often helps catch their attention. Yet more often, a full packaging – logo printed on a label tied on the handle of a paper bag which is also printed with the product logo – will do the trick.