Three Inspections an Oil Company Needs

An Oil Pump

Running an oil company is not just about finding the best areas where oil can be harvested. It’s also about ensuring that every facet of the business is compliant with government regulations and local policies. Oil spills may endanger thousands of lives and severely impact natural resources, so accidents from oil companies should be prevented.

To do that, here are three inspections an oil company needs to prepare for:

Aboveground Tank Inspection

Storage tanks are important parts of an oil company’s operations. This is where they store oil or other liquid materials, and this should always be in the best condition. The storage tank should follow an API 653 design, and an inspection to check for any leak or possible damage to the tank should be done regularly. The company should coordinate with an API 653 certified inspector for regular tank inspections.

Workplace Inspection

An oil company follows a workflow that may involve dangerous tasks and processes. It is important to prioritize the safety of employees and to educate them about the proper evacuation procedures in case something goes amiss. The company should have safety guidelines in place. They should also pay attention to the uniform and compliance of workers, to ensure everyone’s safety. Inspections should also check the knowledge of the company and its people about safety protocols.

Waste Management Inspection

Just a small amount of oil that is not disposed of properly can pollute the water system. Imagine if an oil spill happened, or if the oil company was not paying attention to the management of their waste. Oil can seep through the earth and contaminate water. This can endanger the marine environment. This can also pollute open bodies of water. It is important for any type of company to adhere to the allowable waste management methods and levels set by the government.

It’s better to be safe than sorry when handling oil. When your company is dealing with it in large amounts, you should be extra careful about everything.