Tips for Managing Tree Problems

Gardener pruning tree with shears

Trees are one of the best assets of any garden. They give off a certain charm that you can never find in any outdoor decoration. However, as attractive as they may look, they can be dangerous to your home, especially when you don’t give them proper care and attention. If you want to prevent the worst from happening, it’s important to know when to call for an arborist. Before you do that, here are some that signs you should be aware of.

Leaning or Bending Trees

Trees tend to lean or bend due to human-made alteration or natural elements like the wind, rain or snow. In most cases, a slight bend in their trunks is typical and harmless. However, the moment they tilt with exposed roots, it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Once you notice this, call a tree surgeon in Bromley. Doing this will prevent accidents or serious injuries.

Decaying or Infested Trees

In case you suspect an infestation in your trees, it’s essential to call an arborist to assess them accurately. Insect or pest infestation can often be tricky to detect because it’s not that visible from the beginning. Hence, consult a tree expert to assess the condition of your trees.

Hanging Branches

You should call an arborist when the tree branches are problematic. Are they becoming entangled with electric wires or cables outside? It can be risky to cut them off. These branches can cause damage to property, so it’s better to hire professional services and not just trim them on your own.

Trees can make a great aesthetic addition to your place, but there are cases in which they are dangerous. If you remember the given signs, you can look after your trees properly and prevent accidents.