Types of Deviations in Child Support Calculations

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Divorce is generally a messy time for most couples. Your children, however, need not suffer after your divorce, and the law provides different measures to ensure this. One of these is child support.

Different states have varying regulation on child support. The ideal solution to ensure your children are adequately taken care of after your divorce is to get a Nassau County-based divorce attorney to handle your case. The exact amount of your child support depends on several variables, but specific deviations apply in some cases. Here are some of these deviations.

Work-Related Child Care Costs

These are the expenses arising from child care while a custodial parent is out working, looking for employment or pursuing an education. Before the court grants child care expenses, it must be satisfied that it is necessary according to the custodial parent’s lifestyle and finances. If public assistance programs reduce your child care expenses, this form of deviation will not apply to your case.

Health Insurance Premiums

If your child has health insurance premiums, this is a mandatory deviation which will factor in your child support amount. The eventual figure may be increased or lowered depending on your particular premium. If your health insurance covers other family members as well, the non-custodial parent only pays the percentage of the child he/she supports.

Non-Mandatory Deviations

These deviations are based on the specifics of your case and the judge’s discretion. A non-mandatory deviation generally applies in unique permanency plans, parenting arrangements, alimony, and life insurance. The court might award downward deviations to meet travel costs for non-custodial parents.

Every child support and divorce case is unique. The above types of deviations are designed to ensure children are well-supported regardless of your divorce. The deviations have unique proceedings. You should hence notify your attorney beforehand so that appropriate arrangements are made for your case.