Types of LED Lights for Your Vehicle

Car headlight

Light emitting diodes (LED) are a kind of transistor fixed with a substrate which produces light when a current is applied. LED automotive lights offer an energy efficient, durable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional halogen light bars. LED light bars are suited for all vehicles which need to inform other highway users of their presence on highways. The website adsafe.co.nz presents some types of car lights you can replace with LED lights.


Because LED lights are durable and bright, they are an ideal and safe option for car headlights. If your vehicle was initially manufactured and installed with LED lights, replacing them is easy.

If you want to replace standard headlights with LED lights, however, you will need to replace the entire lighting assembly of your vehicle. This means when shopping to replace your headlights you need to look for an LED vehicle headlight assembly.

Tail Lights

LED lights come in varied colours. It is, therefore, possible to exchange your tail lights for LED lights. The brighter LED tail lights give your car added visibility and assist other drivers on the highway to see your car and avoid accidents.

Interior and Underbody Lights

Use of LED lighting goes beyond your vehicle’s exterior. You can use LED lights for interior car lights or as ornamental underbody lights. LED underbody lights were traditionally made of fluorescent which was not as durable as LED lights. Interior and underbody lights are a creative and fun method to add glamour to your vehicle.

LED light bars can supplement your car’s headlights. They work well in providing lighting in dimly lit places in front of your car and adding distance brightness.  When choosing LED light bars for vehicles, consider their voltage, arrangement and design. Your light bar’s degree of brightness is measured in lumens, and you need to consider this to select a bar with the best-suited brightness.