Water Damage Cleanup Service: The Basic Things You Should Know

a flooded home

When you’re dealing with indoor flooding or water damage at home, the first course of action is preventing active leaks by shutting off the main water supply. This is then followed by calling a plumber to fix any plumbing issues and a restoration company to start the cleanup process and reduce further damage to your property.


This involves checking your home and assessing the damage. A team of restoration experts will use different tools and instruments to determine the moisture content of your property, as well as the techniques and equipment needed to prevent further water damage.

Removing standing water

When it comes to water removal, pros may use tools like a high-end vacuum to suck up the water in the area. Restoration companies in Long Island, NY notes that the duration of the process will depend on the amount of water present, the size of the area, and the type of material needed to be dried.

Drying out the home

After the removal of standing water, drying follows. This involves the use of air movers (like large fans) to circulate air throughout the space. Drying methods and equipment will also depend on the area being dried. Hardwood floors, for instance, will require rugs and floor mats to draw out water. Some sections of carpets may also be lifted up to make sure that the air is getting to the most soaked areas of the room.

Containment and monitoring

Containment is essential, especially in enabling restoration experts to concentrate the drying process on areas or rooms that require it the most. This is to dry the property as quickly as possible and maintain the environment of the space. Monitoring, meanwhile, is done to determine the progress of the drying process and determine which areas are still wet.


The cleanup process is considered one and complete when your home is completely dry. This follows the removal of the drying equipment for you to make the necessary structural repairs or resume your normal activities.

There are also instances where structural repairs may be necessary after the cleanup process. This is for damages that cannot be solved by cleaning and drying the house. Be sure to contact reliable restoration companies for efficient cleaning of a flooded home.