Water Storage Tanks: The Steps to Keep Them Clean

Pipe connected to residential water storage tank

Having access to clean water is essential for the health of your whole family. Therefore, for homes that get their water sources from tanks, regular cleaning is necessary. Prevent dirt and algae build-up by regularly cleaning your water storage tank.

Below are steps to do so properly. Note that the time it would take for you to clean it would depend on the size of your tank.

Clean the surrounding area

Before jumping into the tank itself, make sure the vicinity of your tank is free of debris and dirt. Your goal is to wash it, not make it dirtier by bringing in more dirt or dust from the outside.

Drain the tank

Thoroughly drain the tank of water. Drain the hose towards your garden to be able to use the water productively because you would be flushing it out of your tank.

Manually clean the insides of the tank

Jump into the tank equipped with scrubs and detergent. Make sure to wear protective gears (i.e. boots) to prevent accidents inside the tank. After manually washing the tank, use a high-pressure water jet to wash it thoroughly.

Fill the tank with water

When you fill the tank this time, make sure to include a portion of bleach mixture. The bleach would help disinfect the whole tank down to the pipes.

Drain it again

Flush the water (with bleach) out again. Run it until the smell of bleach is no longer present. Flushing the water out in this method can help clean the pipes as well. After draining, fill the tank with fresh water.

More often than not, people focus on making sure that their drinking water is clean without thinking much about what goes through their tap. Keep your storage containers clean all the time to enjoy having clean water throughout your household.