Ways Businesses and Individuals Can Help Save the World’s Forests

Planting tree in green globe on female human hands with a butterfly on blurred natural background

Forests are often called the lungs of the planet as they provide oxygen and take in carbon dioxide to give everyone clean air and eliminate pollution. They are also home to 80% of the world’s animals and plants.

Despite forests being such a complex biodiversity, over consumption has led to the destruction of much of the globe’s forestland. It’s not all doom and gloom, though. There are things that businesses and individuals can do to combat deforestation.

Saving Trees, One Step at a Time

Go Paperless – Make a commitment to going paperless in the office. Instead of sending letters, send emails. Bills and invoices can also be sent and received via email.

Buy Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Furniture – Only purchase FSC-certified office furniture. This means that the wood used for your furniture has been sustainably produced from managed forests. Using modern ‘industrial-style’ metal furniture is another option.

Eliminate Paper and Plastic Cups – Opt for biodegradable ones made of cornstarch or to save money, just buy re-usable earthenware mugs.

Buy Organic, Sustainable Food – Don’t select the cheapest option when choosing food: go organic and fair trade. This means intensive farming methods, crop spraying, deforestation and labour for unfair wages will not have occurred before it reaches the table.

Recycle Commercial Wood and Plastic – Recycling of wood and paper is important for every business that uses these items in their day to day activities. By following a zero to landfill policy, none of your waste will end up in dumps. Instead, everything will be recycled. Moreover, buying recycled wood and cardboard products makes better use of resources.

Get Green Business Certified

Adopting eco-friendly business practises will mean that your company can be certified as ethical or ‘green’. This certification will improve your business’ reputation, leading to an increase in customers and consequently, a bigger profit.

Commercial activity has contributed to deforestation, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Recycling and making small changes can make a world of difference.