What You Should Not Forget to Do in a Crime Scene

Chalk-outline of a victim in a crime scene

Chalk-outline of a victim in a crime sceneIt’s easy to get caught up in the how and why of a crime or accident, but it’s also necessary to think about what to do. Keeping your calm despite the gruesome and terrible occurrence is the most important. Then, you need to do the following:

Remember All Pertinent Details

The first time you see a crime scene is the best time to remember details. Make sure the area has been cordoned off so that unauthorized personnel will have no access. Remind everyone not to touch anything. Note the position of the body or bodies, and list down any details that seem questionable. Photographs of the crime scene should also be taken at this stage. Get all the evidence you need, so they can be tested in a laboratory.

Interview Everyone

You need to know what happened and, in the case of a homicide, find the culprit. Everyone who is involved with the case will have their own version of the story, depending on what they witnessed. Their stories should combine into something that makes sense, and the chronology of events should account for everyone’s whereabouts at the time of the crime. If anyone jumps out at you as suspicious, you may need to look further into their history and see if they have a criminal record. Be objective in your inquiries, but pay attention to those with a criminal record, as they may be repeat offenders.

Call for Crime Scene Cleanup

After you’ve sufficiently studied the crime scene in Utah, it’s time for blood clean up. This may be too much work for people who need to focus on solving the case, so hiring a team who specializes in crime scene cleanup is a better approach. Bio & Trauma Scene Clean Up notes that cleanup teams will tell you if they notice anything that seems suspicious.

A homicide investigation needs to look into all the details left at the crime scene, no matter how insignificant they may seem. From the preliminary investigation to the cleanup, you should keep your calm and do everything carefully.