What Your Food Preferences Say About You

vegetables and fruitsYour choice of food can easily define you as a person, just like your choice of clothes can. There’s something about the ingredients or the preferences you have that shows specific characteristics, making it easier for people you dine with to understand you as a person.

Though food is not something that can be used to assess a person, these things can say enough about you:


Mexican restaurants like elpasomexicanrestaurants.com in VA will often ask about the level of spiciness you want, and this tells people how adventurous you are. Though different people have different tolerance levels, and you have to put that into consideration, choosing to always go for a mild spiciness level may mean you’re hesitating to experience life to the fullest. Choosing to go for the spiciest level offered by a specific restaurant means you’re fearless and are willing to try new things when opportunities present themselves.


Being specific about the dairy or any substitutes used in your coffee or other beverages means you know what you need and want, and are not afraid to ask for it. For many, it’s a matter of not wanting an upset stomach; for others, it’s something that helps them enjoy their meal fully. If you know what you want in your food, you have a good idea of what you want in life, as well.


Being a picky eater starts when you’re young. You may grow out of your childhood fears, but when you’re dead set on not liking vegetables or any other ingredients in a dish, you’re limiting your food options as you grow older. This means you’re not willing to try activities with unknown outcomes because you assume the worst. It might not be a fair gauge of how you approach life, but it’s a good start.

Ever given your order some thought? You may not think much about it, but what you eat and how you eat it say a lot about you.