Wheel Rakes: Learn All about the Various Kinds

Discs of a harrowing agricultural machinery outdoor

Choosing the right kind of rake makes a significant difference when raking hay. Wheel rakes are the common option for most haymakers. This is because they are low-cost, high-speed, versatile and require low maintenance.

One of the most popular wheel rake types is the centre-delivery, sometimes called a V-rake. K-Line Ag explains a V hay rake for sale is low-cost, simple to operate, fast and has a high capacity and standardized window formation, making it ideal for raking round balers. Apart from this popular option, here are the other types of wheel rakes.

Deluxe-Carted Wheel Rakes

These rakes have tandem-raking wheels attached to a robust raised frame. Deluxe-carted wheel rakes have supplementary capacities and better durability compared to other wheel rakes. Some of the rakes in this category have independent rake wheel floatation. This feature allows easy following of contours, improves the reliability of your raking wheels and might also reduce finger-tine wear.

Front-Folding Wheel Rakes

These are designed for substantial raking capacities. They are more costly compared to carted wheel rakes but are more dependable and have a higher speed. Front-folding wheel rakes create windrows, which are easy to bale and provide exact contour following. Most of the new models have hydraulically controlled working widths that allow optimization of your machine’s angle. This reduces the number of stones, debris, and soil carried into your windrows.

Western or Overhead Style Wheel Rakes

Overhead style rakes have a large raking wheel diameter. This design makes them heavy and physically large allowing them to engage your ground aggressively. Overhead style wheel rakes also have a more positive tine engagement compared to other rakes making them ideal for raking wet and heavy crops.

One of the critical things that will influence your wheel rake choice is your field’s conditions. Before purchasing the rake, get some advice from your dealer on the best one for your circumstances. This will ensure the efficiency of your haymaking.