Why Every Business Should Recycle Paper

Four Recycle Bins

Running a business takes time and resources. Many of those resources like electronics, packaging and waste paper end up in landfill sites. Managers can do their bit and ‘green’ their business by recycling the office waste.

U.S offices use a staggering 12.1 trillion sheets of paper every single year. Recycling companies like LKM explain that paper represents half of all the waste that businesses produce and is 25% of the total waste that is present in landfill sites. Packaging waste is a third of all waste. If you do not recycle paper, your office contributes to deforestation.

Paper Saps Oil and Water

Paper production saps oil and water. The paper industry is the largest consumer of water used for industrial purposes. Oil is also used to lubricate the machinery used to make the paper. By recycling only one ton of paper, five gallons of oil are saved.

How Recycling Benefits the Planet

Recycling one ton of paper, in addition to conserving the world’s limited oil supply, will also save 17 trees. It only takes one tree to provide enough oxygen for three people, so recycling and responsible forestry can ensure the Earth’s lungs are preserved.

Recycling paper products
uses 60% less energy than making brand new paper. It can be made into other useful items too, such as paper shopping bags, toilet rolls and cartons. Reclaimed magazines have even been turned into laundry hampers. Despite this, American workers discard more than four tons of office paper waste annually and consume more paper than any other country in the world.

Recycling can also protect your health by reducing dioxins in the environment. Dioxin is a by-product that occurs during bleaching of white paper and during the incineration of paper that isn’t recycled. Dioxins are harmful and can cause cancer and neurological problems as well as damage the immune system.
To find out more about how your commercial property can recycle and dispose of waste ethically, contact your local company that provides total waste management solutions.