Why Use A Wrap Around Packer?

Cartons in production line

There are many different types of case packers out there for your business. Determining the type of packer is the best way to figure out exactly how to protect your products for shipping.

Depending on your budget, you can get a conventional type of case packer, or you can get one that is robotic. Either way, these can pack just about any size and style of boxes you may have your product in.

Why a Wraparound?

If your business mainly deals with more fragile products that require more attention in packaging, a wraparound packer is something you should consider. Considering this type of case packer has its benefits and its downfalls.

Wraparound packers are usually very space efficient and have little changeover rates. However, if your getting a wraparound that’s fixed for continuous motion, the longer length and width of this particular type of machine may be something you need to consider.

Your line speeds and machine load is also things you should take into account when looking into getting a case packer. It is essential to know if the machine your getting is the best for your product. Spending a bit more, in the beginning, might take you leaps ahead in your business in the future.

Your Production Line

Checking to see similar production lines and their rate of production is a great way to test the packer and see if it can be used for your business. Finding the right supplier to help look for a packer that suits your requirements perfectly will be essential to avoid unwanted costs.

There are a ton of businesses that have their production slowed down due to packaging their products alone. Having an automated case packer can speed things up a tenfold.

Consider all factors you need before buying your packer and go over this with your supplier so that you don’t have to worry about your packages getting ruined once the machine gets up and running.