Why Website Design is Important for E-Commerce in Utah

Online shop website design in laptop

E-commerce has led many traditional retailers in Utah to provide their customers with a way to buy items online, particularly in the food products and service business.

Small grocery establishments that recently added online retail to their operations should consider the importance of good website design in Utah offered by firms such as Red Rider Creative. Several well-known brands have stepped their game by providing grocery deliveries.

Doorstep Purchases

Wal-Mart’s website lets customers choose whether to have their groceries delivered to their homes, or have them picked up from 21 cities in the state. The pick-up is free of charge, but deliveries cost $9.95.

Macey’s also charges service for grocery deliveries, but shoppers can choose to sign up for an annual plan that costs $8.25 per month. Its Anywhere pickup service also charges a $1.99 fee.

These companies’ services are paving the way for other local companies to set up their own online retail gimmicks. Since most people are either too busy to shop for groceries or simply dislike long queues, supermarket chains are finding other ways to keep them as repeat customers.

Online Appeal

The grocery-deliver trend in Utah may be a promising venture, but it all starts with a properly designed website. It’s always better to seek a professional when thinking about how your website would look like, since 75% of visitors will gauge your credibility from its design.

Web design also becomes far more important when wanting to strike a good impression among first-time visitors. Mobile optimization is also essential due to many people preferring to shop using their smartphones.

Faster-loading pages on a mobile device even for just a second are expected to increase your conversion rates by up to 27%.


Grocery shopping has become more modernized in Utah. While smaller supermarkets may be unable to offer pick-up and delivery services, having a dedicated online presence can help you stay relevant to your target markets.