Why Wireless Home Security Is Your Best Bet

A modern lock installed on a door

Whether we wish to have it or not, home security is becoming a necessity in most neighborhoods today, especially in the middle class to wealthy areas. As criminals have become more daring, break-ins may occur at any time of the day.

Your choices

Currently, owners have two options to choose from — wired or wireless home security systems. Green Electronic Solutions notes that these systems safeguard the entry points of a home, alerting security authorities, should someone break in. Within minutes, armed personnel will be able to respond to any intruders.

The wired option

Many traditional homes opt for wired systems as this depends on landline technology which was the way to go 10 or so years ago. Though still very reliable, it requires a lot of installation time as the wires are either embedded in the walls or strung across the home from entry point to entry point.

The wireless system

The better option for newer residents is to go for wireless security. The initial advantage is that installation is a lot faster. Costs are also lesser as there is no need to drill through doorways and walls just to connect the sensors to one another.


Moreover, since the wireless system does not rely on a connection to the home’s electricity or the landline, the system will still be up and running despite power or telephone line interruptions. This is great news because many burglars, amateur and professional, do take advantage of power outages to break in when they know home systems will be down.

Finally, you may activate and monitor this system through your mobile device or laptop. So whether you have an event late at night or you are miles away on a business trip or vacation, you will have that peace of mind knowing that you can easily monitor the status of your home. Companies today also offer great rates for this. As such, it is something that a concerned homeowner should be able to afford to the home protected.

Home security today is really important. If you need one that can be easily installed and remotely monitored, then opt for the wireless option.