Will You Marry Me? Best Proposal Spots in Salt Lake City

ProposalSalt Lake City, the most populous city in Utah, is a place filled with beauty and entertainment. It has activities for people who love the outdoors and offers other attractions to those interested in exploring the city itself. If you’re thinking about popping the question “will you marry me?” in this great city, consider these fantastic places for your proposal’s backdrop.

Liberty Park

The park is a great open space retreat for people who enjoy beautiful shrubs, trees, and clean mountain air. If your partner loves the outdoors, Liberty Park may just be the ideal spot to pop the question. Before you head to this outdoor place, however, AAA Jewelers says that you should take the time to find the ideal engagement ring.

Great Restaurants like Log Haven and the Roof

If you’d like to propose indoors, make your reservations in either one of these two restaurants: Log Haven or The Roof. Log Haven serves New American Cuisine and is one of the most romantic restaurants in the city. The Roof, on the other hand, has an international menu and offers a great view of Downtown Salt Lake City. Both are great options regardless of what you choose.

Temple Square

This spot is Utah’s most popular tourist destination. The 35-acre site features a beautiful garden, restaurants, and nearly 2,000 free events every year, making it a fantastic location for a public proposal.

Hogle Zoo

This zoo is the perfect place to propose to an animal lover. Hogle Zoo is the top paid-for tourist attraction in the city, housing more than 800 animals. Apart from taking pictures of the animals, you and your partner could sign up for an up-close and personal experience with one of the zoo animals and their keeper.

Liberty Park, Log Haven, The Roof, Temple Square, and Hogle Zoo are just some of the great proposal spots in Salt Lake City. Before you get down on one knee, try to make your proposal extra special by planning a surprise event.